10 Rules You MUST Follow When Spray Tanning

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1. Exfoliate

A fresh clean layer of skin is important to ensuring even color application.

2. Remove body applications

Makeup, deodorant, perfumes, and lotions need to be removed from your skin. These can cause barriers between your spray tan and skin!

3. Dress comfy

You won’t want to wear skinny jeans or anything tight that can leave lines in your fresh spray tan. Instead, opt for sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt.

4. Avoid water for the first 12 hours

In the beginning stages while it’s still developing, water can cause streaking in your spray tan.

5. Don’t exercise

Ahhh – finally a legitimate excuse to not work out! Exercising can cause sweat and make your spray tan fade FAST.

6. Moisturize

This is the golden rule of having your spray tan last longer – moisturizing! It helps retain your skin’s moisture to protect your skin from natural exfoliation.

7. Prepare other beauty treatment before

Getting your nails done? Eyebrows waxed? Make sure to get these items done before your spray tan to avoid splotches or stripping of the spray tan.

8. Wear nose filters

While receiving your spray tan, remember to wear nose filters to avoid inhaling the solution. It’s just not fun to breathe in!

9. Pack on the blending cream

Rub the blending cream onto your hands and feet to avoid any mishaps with color between your fingers and toes.

10. Feel great

Lastly, enjoy your spray tan! Feel great and happy about yourself. You are stunning with a golden glow. 😉

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