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The other day my friend was complimenting my spray tan and said there’s no way she could ever afford to look this fabulous all the time. Little does she know, spray tanning regularly can actually be very affordable!

Getting my spray on is a once a week beauty treatment that I usually complete before the weekend begins. Luckily, my salon offers a  variety of spray tan memberships to best meet anyone’s needs. Since I get my spray tan once a week, I purchased the unlimited spray tanning membership. I love my unlimited membership because I don’t have to worry about whether or not I can spray – I have the freedom to get one whenever I want!

The value of an unlimited membership is pretty much a no-brainer. One spray tan can range from $15-$35 or so, while an unlimited spray tan package usually costs somewhere around $50-$80, depending on where you leave. Even if you only spray twice in one month, it’s still a great value. Then, if you use it more (like me), it’s basically free!

Being a girl is expensive, right? But compared to the cost of haircuts and treatments, manis and pedis, lash extensions, makeup and other products, and so much more, my spray tans are definitely the most valuable part of my routine for staying fab!

It’s a relief to know that my spray tan membership is always there, too. I don’t have to worry about whether or not I have a spray tan on my account or if I’ll have to pay extra. It’s a one-time fee for as many spray tans as I desire. Think of your Netflix subscription and your gym membership: They’re always there for you without any worry (even if you don’t use them all the time). Just like my favorite shows and my gym routine, spray tans are an important part of my lifestyle that I always need to be there when I need it!

But, do keep in mind that just because you can spray as often as you want with an unlimited, it doesn’t mean you should. Overdoing it won’t make you look any better – it will actually hinder your results. Spray tanning needs to be planned around your skin’s natural cycle, meaning, your skin needs to have time to properly exfoliate and wear your current spray tan before applying new color. Not waiting at least 6-7 days between spray tans can result in uneven and splotchy color.

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