Getting My Quarantan On

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Hey guys! Long nice, no see 🙁 As you all know, life is kind of…weird right now to say the least. But, I missed you all! First of all, I hope you and your families and friends are safe and sound, and staying home and doing your part to get things back to normal ASAP! Also, hope you’re not bored out of your minds yet and are finding some productive ways to use your time.

As for me, I’ve just been laying low, hanging with my cats,  catching up on Netflix, doing some reading and searching for cool things to decorate my apartment with (I’m a total interior design nerd!). Even though there are so many more important things to worry about right now, I think it’s fair to say we’re all also missing some of the simple things that usually make us smile. For me, one of the places I miss the most is definitely my tanning salon, which had to close temporarily for social distancing and what not. Luckily, my salon has still been able to offer some products I can order online and pick up curbside at the salon!

And, let me tell you, these products are amazing! Just like the spray tans you get in salons, self-tanning products have gotten a bad wrap in the past, but they’ve improved so much over the years. The really cool thing is the best ones are made by the same companies that make the solution used in the spray booths at my salon, so they come with formulas and shades that I’m already familiar with. Not to mention, when the coast is clear, I can still use them at home to complement and touch up my spray tans.

Until then, I’ll just be here trying out some different options and mastering my self-tanning technique…because even though there’s nowhere to go, this girl still doesn’t want to be looking all pasty on Zoom chats with my friends! 😂

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