Celebs Enjoying the Great Outdoors…Love to See It!

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As all of us around North American, and most of the world for that matter, continue to be encouraged to socially distance, it’s great to see some big-time celebs seemingly doing their part while still living life to the fullest. It’s a nice reminder for all of us that there’s still plenty out there to do and see, rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for ourselves. You certainly don’t have to be a A-list celebrity or have a lot of money to play some golf like Pierce Brosnan, go for a swim like Jessica Simpson, get an outdoor workout in like Nicole Scherzinger, or even have a surf sesh like Matt Damon (depending on where you live). Check out this post from Page 6 to see these celebs and more living their best lives in the great outdoors.

But, let’s talk about actress Michelle Monaghan real quick. All these celebs are obviously soaking up some natural sun, and they all look amazing, but the actress you might know from True Detective or Gone Baby Gone takes it to another level with an amazing spray tan (and apparently plenty of ab exercises). “Girl found a beach. And a spray tan.” she wrote in her Instagram post.

Without that caption, you would never know she wasn’t just rocking a natural tan from plenty more days on the beach. But, no wonder she looks so great — as you can see in the screenshot above, famed celeb spray tan artist Jimmy Coco chimed in on her post and reposted the image, claiming his credit for his amazing work. But, it doesn’t take a famous spray tan artist to get a great tan — I may not have abs like Michelle, but I do think my tan looks just as good after a 3-minute spray tan at my local salon.

Anyway, check out this post on my Facebook page, and let me known whose tan you’re feeling the most, and what your favorite outdoor social distancing activity is. Mine is definitely lounging by the pool!

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