Fashion Trends for Fall 2020

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Given that spring and summer fashion pretty much went out the window this year along with all the events that were cancelled, I’ve spent some of my free time (and money) gearing up for fall. Assuming there will be more to do and show off for in the months to come, I’m definitely going to be ready!

Of course, spray tans are always in style, and you know I’ll be stepping up my sunless game as the summer sun begins to fade. So, here are some of my favorite fashion trends the experts are talking about for this fall, along with how they relate to my tanning and skin care routine.

Skirt Suits

“What comes around goes around, and—surprise—the skirt suit is definitely back for fall 2020. Seen at top designers including Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta, this silhouette has been revived with options that feel very right now thanks to swingy minis with cropped jackets and pencil skirts with belted blazers.” – Glamour

For anyone beginning to head back to the office this fall, these skirt suits definitely have some “wow” factor compared to your typical daily work garb. I love them in bright colors to make a strong impression and complement a darker spray!

Natural Tones

“It’s one of the longest-lasting trends for the past few seasons, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. These monochromatic and neutral outfits are easy to replicate and look great on everyone. Choose from a sandy-colored suit with a turtleneck to a boilersuit or leather skirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with varying shades of this neutral tone – try sand, camel, or even buff. The opportunities are endless, and it is a timeless option for anyone’s closet.” – The Trend Spotter

This one is always a classic, but it can be a little tricky to pair with a spray tan. You don’t want your face to blend right into your outfit! You can go a little darker to complement a “sand” tone, but many of these shades tend to favor a more subtle spray. Luckily, you don’t need to go super dark for a spray tan to perk up your look nicely.

As far as makeup, bright red lips and extra eyeliner are also “in,” according to Harper’s Bazaar, so that can add a little more “pop” to this more modest look.

Leather Knee-High Boots

“They’re a no-brainer trick for winterizing a summer dress—a friend recently explained how much warmer you are when your shins are encased in leather!—but several women tucked jeans or loose trousers into their riding boots, too. Even better, there’s a knee-high boot for virtually every taste, whether you’re more into an equestrian vibe or want something a bit kinkier, like skin-tight patent.” – Vogue

I love the idea of being able to wear my summer dresses longer with the help of some killer knee-high boots!


“Oversized chains in particular are dominating the entire accessory spectrum; Whether you’re into gold or silver, you can find thick shackles flung across bags, jewelry, and belts.” – Elle

Go big or go home! These oversized chains are being seen on bags, boots and belts, but of course, most traditionally as necklaces. For a more daring look, I’ll definitely be rocking a big gold chain on top of a dark tan. The Trend Spotter also recommends pairing chain necklaces with hoop earrings this fall. Love it!

Check out The Trend Spotter, Glamour, Elle, and Vogue for more fall fashion trends to look forward to!



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