Get a Vacation-Worthy Tan…Just Down the Street!

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Want to get away? You’re not the only one…

I know many of us are experiencing the winter blues right now, and it’s especially bad if you can’t or don’t feel comfortable getting away to a sunnier destination like you might in a normal year. What I wouldn’t give to be getting my tan on at the beach right now! But, alas, here I am in the cold, dreary Midwest…

Being negative isn’t going to help anyone feel better, though. Especially with everything going on in the world, those of us who are safe and healthy have a lot to be thankful for. That’s what I have been reminding myself whenever I start feeling down, along with the fact that there are still so many “little things” that we all have the opportunity to enjoy in our daily lives.

For my friends and I, when one of us is feeling down, the first thing one of us is usually some “self-care,” or a “Girl’s Day/Night,” or whatever you want to call it. While those phrases could refer to a lot of things, in my experience it usually involves something that will make you both feel and look better. I mean, it’s certainly not a cure-all, but everybody feels better when they feel better about the way they look, right?! Manis and pedis or a spa day or doing facials or whatever it may be, particularly when it’s done with your girls, always seem to do the trick.

For me, it’ll be no surprise to you that getting a fresh spray tan is the ultimate mood adjuster and way to splurge a little on myself in a small way. I swear I really do feel like a new woman when I wake up to a fully developed tan!

As you’ll see on the Salon Finder on my blog, there probably aren’t too many of you that are more than 10 minutes away from a salon that offers high-quality spray tanning experiences, as well as some great other services that can help you look and feel better for not much money at all.

So, there’s no reason to pout! Just head down the road and #TreatYourself. (And if that doesn’t fully fix your mood, try eating a whole pint of ice cream…that usually works too 🤣)


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