Get Ready for Leg Season!

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Springtime is almost here, and you know what that means? Leg season! Yikes – just the thought alone makes me a little bit nervous. After a long and cold winter, I admit that my legs didn’t always get the attention they needed. Not only did I wear pants and boots most of the season, but my skin became very dry. Now that it’s almost time for shorts and dresses, my legs need some major help!

How do I get my legs ready?

Step one: EXFOLIATE!

Exfoliation is crucial when ensuring a good spray tan, not just on your legs – but everywhere! Unfortunately, legs are very susceptible to dry skin. And when it’s winter? They’re even drier!

I always make sure to exfoliate using a loofah or washcloth. Rubbing my legs in circular motions, I gently exfoliate the dry patches and flakes. When exfoliating, you’re essentially buffing your skin to set up a fresh canvas to be colored. You’ll want your canvas to be nice and smooth!

Step two: SHAVE!

Be sure to shave your legs a day or two in advance to sunless tanning. Not only will the hair be gone, it will set up the ideal, smooth canvas to have a more even tan.

Step three: MOISTURIZE!

Moisturizing is the most important step in ensuring an even spray tan and healthy looking skin you can see and feel. I recommend products with no parabens and sulfates to ensure the chemicals don’t strip your skin or your sunless tan!


Allowing time for proper care and moisturizing, I give myself a week or so for preparations and repeating the steps. Exfoliating every few days, shaving when needed, and moisturizing everyday (morning and night), lets my skin get freshened up and ready to get some color. My legs soon transformed into soft, touchable skin. Goodbye dry winter skin!

A few days later, I stepped out in my new sundress and sandals. My skin was smooth with an even, sun-kissed tone. I had never felt more confident to show some leg!

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