Are you planning on getting a spray tan but don’t know where to start? Let me help you achieve your best spray tan with these tips!

#1: Shave and exfoliate

To ensure an even and smooth application, always make sure to shave and exfoliate the day before or the day of.

#2: Remove any body applications

This could be anything you’d apply to your body – makeup, deodorant, perfumes, lotions, etc. These items create a barrier between your skin and the sunless solution. You want your skin to be completely bare to establish an even reaction with the DHA.

#3: Dress appropriately

Remember to wear dark, loose fitting clothes after your spray tan application. You wouldn’t want your skinny jeans to mess up your tan or stain your light colored clothes.

#4: Avoid water or physical activity

Avoid showering, swimming, or doing activity that causes sweat or exfoliation in the first 12 hours after your spray tan. These activities can interrupt the spray tanning process. When you shower, be mindful to only use products made especially for spray tan care. Also, too much soap and hot water can make your spray tan fade quickly. After showering, dry off by patting your skin with a towel instead of rubbing.

#5: Moisturize

The best thing to do for your spray tanned skin is to MOISTURIZE! Moisturizing in one of the most important elements in having a great spray tan. It increases the longevity of your tan and helps retain your skin’s moisture to protect your skin from natural exfoliation.

#6: Prepare other beauty treatments beforehand

Getting a manicure or pedicure? Eyebrows being waxed? Wanting a facial? Make sure to do these things before receiving your spray tan to avoid blotchy patches or removal of the solution.

Spray tans are orange.

Spray tans have evolved and updated their equipment and formulas so you can have a beautiful, natural looking spray tan!

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