Prep with the Best: Start your spray tan off right!

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Prepping your skin is the key to a perfect looking long lasting spray tan. Sunless tanning solutions and equipment have become so advanced in recent years that it really doesn’t take much effort. But, spray tan prep and care products have evolved, too. Beyond my normal spray tan prep, there’s one type of product I’m absolutely obsessed with; it’s basically a cure-all for any potential issues.

Usually referred to as a “Primer” or “Booster” these products, most importantly, balance pH levels to make your skin the perfect canvas for your tan. The lotion absorbs into skin quickly while conditioning, meaning as soon as you put it on, you’re ready to spray tan right after!

When using pH balancers, you are preparing your skin for a deeper and more even tan. In addition, you reduce the potential for any orange hue and ensure you’ll get the golden bronze we all love. Along with prepping skin to receive the spray tan, these products help your tan develop more quickly. So, if you’re a procrastinator like me and you get in a crunch for quick color, they definitely come in handy.

Just ask your spray tan salon about your options, and they’ll be glad to tell you all about it!

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