Spray is the Way in an Uncertain World

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As concerns about close personal contact persist in the COVID era, there’s never been a better time to embrace a spray tan routine.

Think about all the other beauty services us ladies use – nails, waxing, lashes, brows, even haircuts – they all require close personal contact with the person performing the service. And, you’re stuck sitting there for 30 minutes to a couple hours for most of these services. Of course, those businesses are taking proper steps to make the experience safe and comfortable, but the idea can still be a little bit scary for many people these days.

On the other hand, getting a sunless tan in an automated spray booth has always been arguably the fastest, most private and most impactful beauty treatment. And, you get the most bang for your buck! A spray tan only costs me 15 bucks at my salon (even less if I get a package or membership) and it lasts one to two weeks. Plus, when I have a great spray tan, all of my other beauty maintenance takes a back seat. I always feel more confident in my complexion when I’m tan, so I don’t feel the need to wear as much makeup, and I also worry less about other minor imperfections. A stray hair in my eyebrow or little bit of roots showing isn’t going to stop my shine. Who’s going to notice anyway, when they’re admiring my awesome, off-the-beach color?! 😉

Anyway, back to the main point: Automated spray tans always only take about three minutes in the booth, and of course, nobody else has to be in the room with me. And, ever since COVID came around, I’ve never felt safer in any public place than in my tanning salon. For all the years I’ve been going there, the lobby and rooms have always been immaculate. The girls at the salon tell me their manager is a real stickler about cleaning, because it’s so important to their business’s reputation. Since they reopened after lockdown, they’ve definitely stepped their game up, too. When I go in the salon now, they limit the amount of people that can be in the lobby so nobody gets too close, the staff is behind plastic barriers at the counter and wearing masks, and I can pay for my tan with my iPhone without touching anything and get to the spray tan room in no time. Then, when I’m done tanning, I’m straight out the door and on my way.

So, if social distancing and a lack of fun things to do have you down, I definitely recommend a spray tan to turn it around!

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