The Right ‘Fit: Dress to impress with colors and accessories that accentuate your spray tan

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When I have a fresh spray tan, of course I want to show it off! That definitely means dresses and crop tops that show off a little skin in the summer, but there’s more you can do, any time of year, to really make your color stand out.

When choosing an outfit to really make your tan pop, color is the main variable that can really make a difference. My go to colors are white, blue and corals/pink.

White and Light

When wearing white, your tan will always appear darker than it is. Since I’m naturally fair-skinned and I tend to go for a lighter, more natural spray, pure white is perfect to make my skin look darker than it really is. But, if you prefer a more dramatically dark shade, you can still achieve a stunning effect with pure white for the right occasions, or tone it down a bit with an off-white, for a more modest look that still makes your tan pop a little extra

The Blue for You

Blue is great because it gives you a variety of shades to work with that will all enhance your glow. Typically, you will want to choose shades closer to sea blues; the lighter the blue, the darker your tan will appear. Again, if you have a darker spray, a deeper shade of blue will still accent your tan nicely.

Bright is Right

If you’re feeling really bold, take on some brighter colors such as orange, yellow or lime green to enhance your glow even further. You don’t want to wear the same few colors daily, so mix it up, and slay everyday with a nice mix of bright attire.

Think Pink

If you’re not feeling the bright look some days, another way to change it up is with coral or warmer shades of pink. It’s subtler, but these hues do accentuate your tan well and provide a little extra rosy glow.

No matter what colors you like to wear, a great spray tan is always the best accessory. And, speaking of that, I love to add a little extra flair to my outfit with accessories that draw even more attention to my tan. Gold jewelry looks amazing against a nice tan, and white accessories are always a good choice. I’ve even been known to go with a lighter hair color when it’s summer and I’ll be embracing my tan a little more, for a beachy, look!

Confidence is what really makes any outfit work for you, and I love stepping out with a tan that makes me feel good in my skin, no matter what I’m wearing.

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