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As you might have noticed, I’ve learned a lot over my years as a spray tan fanatic. One of the most important lessons I picked up was that not all spray tan formulas are created equally. Not that they’re not great products – the different options are a big part of what makes spray tanning so great – but the secret is to find the one(s) that are right for you.

Different spray tanning formulas deliver specific results, so knowing what they are and offer is essential. Your salon’s offerings might vary, but mine has three main formula options. One has purple hued undertones and delivers a deep and exotic looking tan. Another offers natural bronze undertones with immediate color. In addition to the colored spray tan solutions, most salons offer a clear formula with no transfer or immediate color results, with color developing in four to eight hours. These solutions can also be shaded in ultra light, light, medium, or dark.

Knowing your skin type is important when choosing which level of formula to go with. To avoid looking unnatural or having any mishaps, keep in mind the different types of solutions and what they do for your skin. This way, you can ensure you have your best spray tan! While each solution and service has different characteristics, you really need to know which one will look best against your natural skin tone and color.

If you’re light skinned and paler, I highly recommend getting a purple-based spray tan. The violet undertones will look more natural with pale skin. However if you have a darker skin tone, I recommend the bronze undertones to help enhance your natural tan glow. I made the mistake of getting medium bronze solution before – it did not reflect my natural color or complexion at all. However, the purple hued undertones gave a natural glow to my skin, and no one ever knew it was a spray tan!

Picking a hue to go with your skin is one of the most important steps in the spray tan routine. Remember to discuss with your spray tan technician the different shades, and let them help you find which color will look best!

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